Green Screen Options

Here are some Green Screen Choices.  We of course can use your Hi-Resolution image(s).  And/or find more images from etsy.com.

The Open Booth Green Screen width would be around a minimum of 6ft to max 13ft wide green screen for best ‘realism photos’, where you look like you belong in the scene.  We have professional Lighting on each side to evenly light the green screen for professional photos!  New High End Software to remove folks from the green screen and place them onto the chosen image(s). We also use sturdy flat based backdrop And light stands for safety!

Green Screens are awesome for business events, marketing, corporate events, fund raisers, concerts, festivals, sports events, etc.

Note: This page may load slowly on average internet as it has a lot of images.

Few example images, Hover mouse over to see description:

  • Green Screen and/or Photo Strip and 4×6 Layout Choices: