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Here are “some” Fonts, Photo Strip and 4×6 Layout Designs and also Background Choices. Examples for you to review and find the Font and or Style you like. We can change colors easy in the designs and adding more photo strip designs often! Also, there are some more ideas in the slideshow on Pricing page

Note: This page may load slowly on average internet as it has a lot of images.

  • 1) Here are some Font Ideas.  The fonts can be any color as well as the background they’re on. Can be on a transparent background to better see background design too. We have many fonts, if you have a certain font you want, let us know the name of it and will use. (hover mouse over to see names):
  • 2) Here are some Photo Strip Designs.  The color and logo are easy to change (also can use a green screen background image as well for the photo strip/4×6 pattern, link bottom of page). Also, if you don’t find a background theme/pattern for the photo strip/digital 4×6 here that is just perfect for you, go to –> Etsy and in the search bar, make sure you enter your theme title (Hawaiian, for example) with ‘digital paper’ after that theme name to get the digital quality 300dpi choices (example: Hawaiian digital paper). Then send me the link of the one you like and will buy it.  We have added even more Photo Strip Options below on #5  Wow! We keep adding more ways to Dazzle You!
  • 3) Here are examples of the digital 4×6 you get included Free that can match your photo strip layout:
  • 4) Here are just a few Animated Gifs made from each photo booth session you get included Free!:
  • 5) Even More Photo Strip Designs to choose from! We do have to buy the one you chose for $29 and takes longer to edit and No Digital 4×6 included in online gallery as only photo strip layout included in purchase via their copyrights. If you want to add a digital 4×6 of one of these designs to your online gallery, we do add $29 to total booth rental price and purchase/edit it too:
  • 6) Green Screen and/or Photo Strip and 4×6 Layout Choices (on separate page for faster loading):Green Screen or 4x6 layouts