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Here is a list of questions to ask other Photo Booth Companies to help you find the best one to fit your needs.  Watch out for the Groupon and Living Social coupons, they ‘seem’ cheap but they will get you in add-on’s to even get to what we give you all upfront and no hidden fees!  Below is our answers:-)

*Are Props included in Rental?

Yes!! And many quality ones too!

*Is the Scrapbook/Guestbook included?

Yes, unless we talked and not needed for the particular event. Custom Fonts/Layout Designs

*Is Unlimited Photo Strips (where everyone in photo gets a copy plus one for the scrapbook) provided?

Yes!! Included and no hidden extra fees

*Can guests Re-take Photos?

Yes, to get that perfect photo strip

*Do you have Photo Strip/ 4×6 Design Options?

Yes, Many! To make it Unique for You! Custom Fonts/Layout Designs

*Are there Backdrop Choices?

Yes,  15 Cloth/Sequin Choices and Unlimited Green Screen Background Choices. Have a look here: Backdrops

*Do you Edit the Photos after an event before uploading online to make sure perfect?

Yes and seem to be the only company taking the time to do it. We want Your Photos to Look the Best and you Deserve it!

*Do I get a Copy of ALL Photos Digitally?

Yes, via CD or USB Stick and Online Download

*How about Photos Online so my guests can Download / Share / Print?

Yes! You and your guests will get: the Digital copies of Photo Strip / 4 Full Quality Photos / 4×6 / Animated Gif of the 4 Photos!

*Do you use Webcam or Camera and how many mega-pixels?

Yes, Camera Only (18-Mega-Pixels Canon T5i) for High Quality Photos

*Can Photo Booth be set-up Outside?

Yes. Of course no rain or high winds in forecast or under a tent or 10×15 we provide (electrical)

*Do you have Enclosed Photo Booth for privacy?

Yes, we have Enclosed if you want more privacy or Open Booth for more showing off the action. It is about 11.5ft wide and about 7-9ft long space needed.

*Guests sit or stand in Photo Booth?

Mostly stand but have a chair for small kids and elderly (free)

*Can Children use Photo Booth?

Yes. We can move camera down. Sit or stand on a Sturdy Chair or Parents can hold them

*Is there a Photo Booth Attendant?

Yes. A Friendly Knowledgeable Attendant to Serve You

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